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Grow Kit Horizontal Crop

Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kits!

Now you can grow your own mushrooms at home!

Reishi-6 Reishi-4

Fresh Reishi

We now grow and ship Fresh Antler Reishi all over the country!

Mixed Mushrooms 2

Fresh Mushrooms!

Save 33%+ on a Weekly Mushroom Subscription!

Save even more on Imperfect Mushrooms!

Find us at 3-4 Farmer's Markets Weekly!

For the Mushroom Farmer!

Liquid Culture Jars

Commercial Grade Liquid Cultures

Our carefully cultivated commerical culture library! 
We use advanced culture isolation techniques to guarantee its contamination free!

Grain Spawn 64 oz Golden Enoki

Grain Spawn

Innoculated usa grown
organic millet!
Properly hydrated
Autoclaved at 20psi
Shipped to your door! 

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