Grain Spawn


We use only the best grain available for our Grain Spawn!
100% Organic USA Family Farmed Certified Gluten Free Proso Millet!
We ensure our grain is properly prehydrated to 44% water.
We then complete sterilization by autoclaving our bags at 20 PSI for a sufficient amount of time.
Due to millets small grain size, we see 8-10 day Oyster colonization times on 10 lb substrate bags innoculated with only 1 oz of grain spawn.
1.5-3 Max oz is all that is needed for slower growing varieties.
Ships fully colonized, double bagged, 2-3 day shipping via Priority Mail.
Allow 2 weeks for orders to be made if not in stock.
Typical Bag weights 64 oz or 24 oz (+/- 2 oz).

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